Halloween with DC's Harley Quinn


Halloween with DC's Harley Quinn

I was heading to a wedding when Ally messaged me about this costume for Halloween she worked hard to put together and wanted to blog about. I thought it was an awesome opportunity to go for a very theme-heavy shoot. It's something that I have not had much opportunity to do, so I was pretty excited. Since the character was DC's Harley Quinn, I wanted an urban industrial setting to match. I got the idea to use urban industrial more from the gritty setting of the Arkham Trilogy and Jinx from League of Legends than Harley from Suicide Squad since that movie was so lackluster.




So Ally, Edwin (our friend and videographer/BTS shooter for the day), and I ventured into the night to this grungy hallway and parking lot rooftop. I decided to use a two/three flash setup with a beauty dish in some shots and two backlights, colored purple and green. I chose those two colors because they aren't traditional and natural, and come together to paint a scene of modern fantasy, equal parts dark, surreal, and contemporary. They also happen to be Joker's colors.




The middle one here was my favorite. I think the best kind of flash photography is one that has great effect but doesn't make its presence known. I'm happy that I was able to pull it off here. Not only was it technically great, Ally also perfectly matches the character of Harley Quinn here.

If you're curious, here are some behind-the-scenes shots by Edwin, along with scene comparisons to the final images.



The first location.

And the second location.



All in all, I think we were pretty successful at painting the character. My photographic and editing style usually aims for a clean, artistic, and timeless look, but this shoot made me scrap all of that and aim to do anything to bring the character to life. Going out and trying new things yourself will always be the best way to learn. Pretty cool right?

Thanks for reading!


Model and Costume: Ally Gong –
BTS and Assistant: Edwin Lai -