A drive through the mountains in Malibu – Honda S2000


A little side project in automotive photography

silver sporty convertible honda s2000 driving on a mountain road with epic mountains in the background and golden rays of sun coming from the left

It's important to have proper balance in life. This is especially true being in a creative field such as photography. I've been second shooting weddings pretty much every weekend over the past few months, and that's an absolute ton of photography. Because of that, and especially now I find it important to have personal photo projects on the side. Here's one of those side projects!

Recently, my friend Terry and I decided to go on a drive and car shoot in Malibu with his Honda S2000. Being an automotive fan, I've wanted to do a car shoot for quite a while, but never really got around to it until now. We drove from UCLA up the Pacific Coast Highway to one of the roads leading to the mountains in Malibu. And damn, was that place beautiful. We've been having more clouds here in LA this December, but sometimes I still wish for more mostly-cloudy weather, it would've been perfect then. We did a runthrough of the mountain to scout for spots and picked a few to stop at. Even though the epic clouds weren't there, the weather still made everything look amazing.

I realize that a lot of car companies nowadays use crazy composites for their commercial stills. It's definitely one way to go about shaping your brand, but I think that there's nothing that can replicate the amazing feeling of getting everything right in one exposure. With that said, here are photos from our little automotive shoot – check them out below!

First are some from the beautiful drive.


Then the good stuff.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you all think in the comments below :)