Death Valley Superbloom


Welcome to Death Valley

It's named as the valley of death, yet thousands of individuals come to see the desert filled with vibrant life. This rare event, known as a super bloom, is a product of the heavy storms that happened later last year. Roads and buildings in Death Valley didn't fare well in the storms, but I suppose that we can be grateful that the downpours gave us all these magnificent blooming wildflowers that pop up only once a decade.

So what did I do about it? At first it was mere coincidence, but as we learned about the super bloom, my friends from the Photography Club at UCLA and I planned to shoot some flower portraits. Of course, not only did we shoot flower portraits, but we also shot some epic sand and environmental portraits since honestly there's hardly a place in California as epic as Death Valley National Park. And since it's pretty close to graduation, we brought all our grad gear as well. Check out some of the shots below!

Places we traveled to over the weekend included Badwater Basin, Dante's View, Zabriskie Point, and Eureka Dunes. Looking to make more weekend trips to awesome places for portrait sessions! If there's any similarly epic place you've been, feel free to comment them below :)