Fight on!


Portraits in a different place.


I've been posting a lot of graduation portraits lately, and that's probably because that's what I've mainly been shooting the past few weeks. One particular question that I've been asked a lot is whether shooting the same thing on campus so much ever gets boring. To that, I think that something like graduation portraits has the great potential to be boring, much like anything in the creative industry. If you do literally the same thing over and over again, how could you not be bored? Interestingly, I don't think that it's boring, but rather the complete opposite! It's not because I'm a special human being immune to boredom, but because I don't in fact do the same thing over and over again. Each session brings something new; each person is different and comes from a different place. I use some of the same backgrounds, especially the iconic ones on campus, for consistency and to deliver a product that clients expect, but I also explore new angles and perspectives. I always try to find new ways to tell a story, not because I fear boredom, but because each new perspective adds much to my world and makes me a better person. I love meeting people who bring these new perspectives into my life and I would consider it not only boring to attempt to tell everyone's story the same way, but also disrespectful to the diverse nature of human life as well.

In the spirit of always wanting to try new things, I was very excited when my friend Sonny invited me to USC for a portrait session. I've never been to USC before and after shooting there, I think it's a very beautiful campus for photography, especially around the late afternoon. Compared to UCLA, I think there are far more points of interest to consider, even though much of campus is built in a similar architectural style. Here are some of the many beautiful shots we got that day!