A Grad Session for Engineers


Anny + Kai

A grad session for engineers.

Anny Grad Portraits

That's a B-2 stealth bomber, right? I still do clearly remember its odd and alien-like shape back from my Call of Duty days years ago. When I first met Anny in high school, I don't think she would've known what a B-2 was. Now that we're about to graduate college, she's off to work for the company that created the B-2, Northrop Grumman (I tried to guess Boeing when we were talking about it, oops). That's pure awesomeness. What's even more awesome is that she and Kai, who met each other in college, are both aerospace engineers, no doubt set to make some amazing contributions towards society. Even when I first met them together, they were at the campus rooftop observatory, testing out the telescope they made together on the night of a lunar eclipse. To memorialize that, we decided to shoot at that same rooftop for part of our session. Check out some of the shots we got below!