Grad Highlight - Dennis + Mia

Dennis + Mia

It's been so long, but I still do remember Dennis back from middle school. He was always one of the most energetic kids I knew, and I guess that hasn't changed from these photos! It's always interesting to catch up with someone you knew from long ago, but haven't interacted with in a while. It directly compares the past and the present, culminating in the difference standing before you – others have changed, and so have you. Though we both went to the same middle school, learned very similar things from the same teachers, played similar sports (cross-country, track & field), and got into the same college with similar majors, we ended up developing vastly different ambitions. He wants to be a doctor while I want to pursue a life of photography. Though that's pretty different, I would say that they both require vast amounts of passion and dedication, and perhaps that's something our common environments gave us. He's very different from what I've remembered, but then again, so am I. We've both changed a lot over the years. The possibility for that change, I think, is part of what makes life so beautiful.