The Best Backgrounds are Everywhere


A portrait session with non-traditional backgrounds at UCLA.


Tegan, a current senior about to graduate from CSULA, found me through a google search, coincidentally finding my post earlier about a grad session with Justin. They happened to be friends from high school. Small world, isn't it? We quickly decided to shoot at UCLA, and so I was tasked with making sure our shots came out beautifully in the traditional style of graduation portraits, but also cutting out the elements that are more specific to UCLA. No shots at Royce Hall, for example. I thought this was an exciting opportunity to do something new: how to make campus not look like campus. Luckily, the campus is quite large and provided a multitude of beautiful, yet different environments. I primarily used my 85mm lens to ensure that the background is compressed to achieve this geographically vague appearance. In doing so, I was further reminded that anything can function as an amazing background, given lighting conditions both ambient and created. Here are some of the shots we got from that day, featuring Tegan and Tyler!