Engagement - Jazmin + Thomas

Jazmin + Thomas

Okay, so I've only recently started blogging, so I have an absolute ton of photos that are just sitting in my hard drive gathering dust. I'm also super excited for this weekend to come because this will be my second full wedding day that I'm covering as the principal photographer. In that spirit of wonder and excitement, I'll post an awesome engagement session that I did last year that I haven't yet shared (you might've seen a few of these on my portfolio though).

In shooting for celebratory events like weddings and engagements, it's the mood that makes the image. Many would say that this would hold true for all of photography in general. It's a combination of light, color, and motion to evoke emotion, which is my aim as a photographer. For this shoot, Jazmin and Thomas were the perfect couple to work with - they are super loving and enthusiastic, which made for some beautiful moments. That coupled with Walt Disney Concert Hall as our location made this quite the memorable shoot.