Proposal - Jambu + Vaishali


Jambu + Vaishali

Remember how in the land of fairy tales, if you wanted to propose to your girlfriend, you'd get an elaborate lush forest background with big mushroom steps and a snowy owl to make a fly-by with a great banner proclaiming the message "Will you marry me"? Well, this was basically the modern version of that, minus all the fantasies and imaginings. Instead of a fluffy owl, Jambu employed his equally snowy white DJI Phantom for the task. Instead of mushroom steps, we had an entire beach right here in Southern California. Upon a carpet, he set up a bouquet of flowers, a classic guitar, and the drone, resting before its great flight. When they walked down the cliffside together, the drone flew up, the special words along with it.

It was a very loving moment to witness, and thank you Jambu and Vaishali for having me be a part of it. You can all find the story their proposal here below. Also, it turns out Jambu is also a photographer, a great landscape shooter at that – you can check out some of his awesome work here!