Graduation & Senior Portraits

Based in Los Angeles, Stanley Wu is a portrait, wedding, and graduation photographer that focuses on producing timeless and artistic works for his clients.

Graduation & Senior Portraits

Welcome, Class of 2019!

Graduation Portrait Sessions

You might be wondering – why take graduation portraits? In my eyes, it's all about investments. As a young adult, putting yourself through college is usually the biggest investment that you'll make early on. It'll be something that'll stay with you for a lifetime, because more often than not, the experience is life-shaping. Years down the line, you'll still remember the numerous challenges you've faced and obstacles you've overcome. We all remember, because remembering is something that reflects a part of us. To that end, photography is an investment. It is an investment that only grows in value as the years pass, as we gain more experiences. It is an investment because memories of these experiences are the beautiful things that we keep with us for a lifetime.

For all of my clients, I seek to provide a full experience, from initial consultation, to shoot preparation, portrait session, and print. I enjoy taking a very personal approach to photography because I believe nothing can replace the magic of genuine emotion. I tend to keep my sessions fun and creative, while at the same time aiming to create images that have lasting impact. To offer the most to my clients, I have several different packages available, for groups, couples and individuals. Additionally, I also offer high end print products that'll help maintain my clients' investments.

I currently am based in Los Angeles, but would love to travel to you wherever you are in Southern California. Schools that I have worked at to date: CSU Long Beach, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Northridge, Pepperdine University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, University of La Verne, University of Southern California

Investment in Print

I believe that meaningful images deserve to be in beautiful print form. In addition to the images themselves, I offer a vast selection of premium print products that will enable your photographic investment to last for generations. Many of my images are shot with larger format wall displays in mind. If you would like to see my studio samples and offerings, send me a message and I'd love to show them to you, parents included!


I offer several packages to accommodate for different session types. They range from standard campus sessions to local destination shoots, as well as full-day sessions for full-day adventures – I've put together an extensive list of locations to explore around LA and California. I specialize in portraits for individuals and couples, but gladly welcome groups as well.

Session fees start at $375.




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