Stanley Wu Photography | Southern California Portrait & Wedding Photographer

About Me



I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Southern California. I am a practitioner of the arts and a passionate entrepreneur. I am a reader of philosophy and an introspective thinker. I am obsessed with the art and form of photography. I am a native Californian and a lover of cold weather. I am a gamer and a frequent maker of berry bowls.

I am a lot of things. But at the core, I am just someone who believes in the beauty of life. What do I mean by that? My perspective is something that has taken my whole lifetime of experiences to come up with, yet everyone ends up with something a little different. Despite that, we're all living in this one big place, eating together, laughing together, and crying together. Where else is the beauty?

My goal is pretty simple. I just hope to capture a few of those precious moments and turn it into something that will always be with you. Simple and timeless.

If what I do is something that resonates with you, I'd love to have a chat with you sometime over a cup of coffee, milk tea, or fruit smoothie. Contact me through the link above and we'll talk soon!

My office is also located in Playa Vista at 12655 W Jefferson Blvd, so if you're near, feel free to drop by!


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